Nominate someone to receive a gift. Get them motivated and moving again.

When founder Hafee was small, her mother always taught her: "A little kindness goes a long way." This simple saying, combined with a passion to keep women healthy, strong and positive, inspired us to create Tyna Activewear with a unique way to give back.

What if we could inspire people to move their body again after ill-health or going through difficult times? How could we encourage people to feel positive, enjoy movement and the benefits that come with it?

That´s why we decided to give 10% of everything we produce to women in need. We want to give activewear to people who will really feel the impact of our products. And we are asking you to suggest who would appreciate such a gift.


The process is straightforward. Simply nominate someone who is sick or has been through a rough time, and we will enter them into a draw to receive a gift. It could be your mum, friend, sister or even someone you just simply know will appreciate it. You are not obligated to make a purchase in order to nominate. We just want you to help us find someone who would benefit from our donation - and you can also share the joy that comes from giving.


Simply select an item you think the person would like (providing their details*) and we will enter your nomination into our monthly random draw. If your nominated person is selected, they will then be contacted to obtain their size and delivery information.

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I understand and accept the inclusions, terms & conditions. By sharing yours & your nominees email address, you are giving consent that TYNA Ltd may contact you to share your testimonials or for email marketing purposes.

I have checked with my nominee and they have agreed that TYNA LTD can contact them about sending their chosen gift


I agree to opt into communication from TYNA LTD, I understand that I can unsubscribe at anytime.

* For Data Privacy Laws you’ll need you to check with your nominee that they have given consent to share their details.

TYNA Constantly Giving

To comply with GDPR laws you are required to check with your nominee that they have given consent to give use their email. Sure, this ruins the element of surprise, but we need to follow all regulations. Note that recipients will be randomly selected each month. Recipients will be contacted directly by TYNA to obtain their size and delivery information. Whilst we will always try and send requested designs, we will select the designs at our discretion.


We are just at the start of our journey to give back. As we grow, we hope we can extend what we give. In future we plan to also partner with charities that help support women, so that we can be as effective and as useful as possible.

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