TYNA is on its journey to create 100% sustainable activewear made using ethical practices and eco-friendly materials.

  • Sustainable activewear is often produced at factories that are carbon neutral.
  • For something to be sustainable, it should also have a long-life span so that less of the item is winding up in landfills.

As we evolve, we have introduced great sustainable practices in our product packaging and mailing bags to eliminate the use of single use plastic bags.

Each item of activewear comes in a reusable wash bag that protects the longevity of your beloved TYNA product. They are simple to use and are reusable for any other brand activewear or small products such as socks and underwear. Simply turn your leggings inside out and place them inside the wash bag included with your purchase to ensure a perfect wash and avoid snags and piling.

TYNA use Eco-friendly mailing bags made from white sugar cane and are the perfect sustainable alternative to standard polythene mailing bags, enabling us to improve our green credentials and reduce both yours and our carbon footprint. 

These bags are produced from a by-product of sugar cane and grown on reclaimed wasteland and therefore having no impact on the rainforest. They are fully recyclable, use no fossil fuels and are produced from the greenest material on the market.
One of the great benefits of our environmentally friendly mailing bags is that they contain all of the same properties as standard oil derived polythene meaning there is no change to the performance and feel and your TYNA products arrive to you safe and secure.

Using sugar cane rather than oil in the process of photosynthesis makes it ‘GREEN’ by its very nature and due to it being 100% recyclable material it can be fed back into the recycling stream.