Product Care

Caring For Your TYNA Activewear

Imagine living in a world filled with clothes made from fabrics that do not stretch — no yoga pants, comfortable waistbands, or shapewear. Equally difficult would be a world where knits stretch and stretch but do not retain their shape.

The introduction of fibres like Lycra that stretch and return to their original state have forever changed the world of activewear.

Using cold water to wash your TYNA Activewear and air-drying whenever possible will help maintain elasticity over time.
Washing them inside a mesh garment bag can also help prevent them from twisting and overstretching.


Care & Protect

We want to ensure your TYNA Activewear can go the distance. In addition to using high quality materials and the best construction, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your product maintains its original state for as long as possible.


Avoid rough surfaces
To avoid snags, try to steer clear of rough surfaces, taking care of zips and velcro.

Wash in cold water
Machine wash in cold water using non-biological detergent.

Avoid fabric softener
Fabric softener can damage the technical properties of the fabric and remove its ability to be sweat-wicking.
Avoid using chlorine bleach, which will destroy the elastane fibres.

Use the wash bag
Turn your activewear inside out and place them inside the wash bag included with your purchase to ensure a perfect wash and avoid snags and piling.

Tie a bow in the drawstring
We make our leggings waistband drawstring removable, but that means you also need to remember to tie it before washing to keep it in place.

Always air dry your TYNA Activewear
The high heat of the dryer can destroy the individual strands of fibre, causing tears or holes.

TYNA are unable to offer refunds or exchanges where these steps are not followed, we want you to enjoy rocking your TYNA Activewear as long as possible and we endeavour to bring as much awareness as possible.