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Reconstructed Heritage

Inspired by traditional ethnic patterns from around the world, our contemporary designs honour and celebrate the past whilst bringing delight to the women who wear them.

Our aim is to inspire every woman to have a healthier lifestyle through joyful and audacious movement. Through dynamic ethnic prints we hope to encourage women to nurture their inner confidence whilst supporting other women to do the same.

Each season we create and develop a collection of activewear for you to express your individuality.


Tyna´s designs originally took inspiration from its founder´s own West African heritage, but soon friends and supporters were asking for their own cultural backgrounds to be used. This led to the idea of developing different global patterns to create something special.

Each design originates from a different heritage fabric - with its own story and significance, but always with a sense of empowerment.

Modern designs that honour our history. A twist on heritage, with designs that respect the past, celebrate the present, and safeguard the future.


Hafee, TYNA´s founder, was inspired to create the brand having watched her vibrant mother´s health fail to breast cancer, diabetes and heart issues. She decided that she wanted to create a business that encouraged women, particularly those with health issues like her mum, to take care of their overall wellbeing. But she wanted to do this, not only by creating energetic and inspirational clothing, but also by establishing a model which gives to other women at the same time.

Constantly Giving, Constantly Moving is not based on profits, just on what we make. Our aim is to give 10% of all the activewear we produce as gifts to women who need it.

We don´t want to decide who should receive this support - we want you to. The idea is that you nominate someone to receive a gift. We also plan to support more formalised organisations and charities too, but we think that kindness comes in all forms and we know the joy that comes from giving.

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