Constantly Moving



TYNA is inspired by traditional ethnic patterns from around the world, our contemporary designs honour and celebrate the past whilst bringing delight to the women who wear them.


Our aim is to inspire every woman to have a healthier lifestyle through joyful and audacious movement. Through our dynamic ethnic prints we hope to encourage women to nurture their inner confidence whilst supporting other women to do the same.

Each season we create and develop a collection of activewear for you to express your individuality.

The print design we have selected comes in multiple colourways, giving you a variety when it comes to choosing and allowing you to mix & match as you please using our interactive Collection Team-Up Tool.

We kick off Spring/Summer 2020 with the Aso-Oke Collection. Be sure to watch our exciting campaign video which was a lot of fun to put together.

There is a lot going on at TYNA in 2020, we will be launching our Constantly Giving campaign which we would love you to get involved in (see the website and upcoming newsletter for more details).


We will be popping up at lot's of events across the country this year and we look forward to seeing most of you again.

In the second half of this year, we will be launching our signature collection and we are super excited about this. As part of the launch, we will be introducing new products, these products are based on what you have told us.

At TYNA we wish you all a wonderful and active 2020!!!

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